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Is exactly that. Ramblings where I let my inner geek run free and jump on a soap box from time to time.

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A closeup of a black and white floral wallpaper effect hand drawn using a black sharpie.

The Entrepreneur ‘Crazy’

I’m in the middle of wallpapering my garden office. I’ve been ‘wallpapering’ since the end of August. “Big deal” I hear you say, “what makes that a blogpost?” It’s a blogpost because this is no ordinary wall. And this is no ordinary wallpaper. Let me explain.

people starting to take to their seats for an event

An Unconventional Path into Tech

I took part in a panel discussion this week, organised by the HSBC Digital team at CodeNode London, exploring the issues around diversity in tech. I’ve only sat on a few of these events and always come away wishing I’d said more. So here are my afterthoughts…

Network, I need your help!

I need your help to find inspirational women who would be happy to be featured, who’ve made the transition into the tech industry in their mid 40s – 50s and are now coding for their day job.

Lessons Learnt Tech Job Hunting as a Woman Returner in 2017.

I was really pleased to kiss goodbye to 2017. Having started job hunting back in May, it’s been the most soul destroying, confidence sucking past 8 months I’ve ever had to endure.

Women In Tech Role Model

Getting More Women Into Tech

I’ve often thought about what took me so long to get involved in the tech industry and then I realised.