Network, I need your help!

6 Aug 2018

The Pitch

We’re half way through 2018 and the debate continues around the growing tech talent crisis. With only 17% female ratio the industry’s missing out on half the country’s potential workforce.

We constantly ask how can we encourage more girls into tech? It’s an important discussion to have. Diversity is the noun we all speak, but inclusion is the action we need to take. What about the women? What about the career break mum who’s ready to rejoin the workforce? Or the woman who wants a change of direction, who doesn’t have a degree or CS background, but would love to learn to code?

If you encourage the mothers and grandmothers into tech, would it become natural for girls to follow? After all, they’re never going to be what they can’t see.

The Ask

I’d like to open this discussion for Ada Lovelace day in October. With content around press features, blogposts, a short podcast series and more to highlight the women who are making the tech industry their new career later in life.

I need your help to find inspirational women who would be happy to be featured, who’ve made the transition into the tech industry in their mid 40s – 50s and are now coding for their day job. Please share, comment, and let’s get finding!