A Personal Mission

TreatOut is a food tech startup project which I’ve co-founded with two partners. This startup is personal because I have multiple food intolerances which can make eating out a painful experience in more ways than one. Our first task was to choose a name for the startup that reflected what we’re about. This made our name choice easy – I want eating out to be a treat again, and that’s how TreatOut was born.

Creating the Brand

Food and restaurant logos have a tendency to be based on a red or yellow colour palette because these two colours are thought to stimulate appetite. However, a more conservative approach was chosen for The TreatOut logo. The startup’s aim is to forge long term relationships with its customers based on trust. TreatOut is catering for the FreeFrom food sector and so an identity based on blue (integrity, trusted) and green (ethical, natural, calming) was more appropriate. Work is now in progress to establish Brand Identity Guidelines covering the use of fonts, colour, style of photography and tone of communication. This will help keep consistency across all marketing activities as TreatOut develops the brand.

First ideas for TreatOut logo hand drawn in note book

Creating the Website

TreatOut is still a very early stage startup, and the website will evolve as the company grows. In its simplest form it provides a way for potential users to find more information on what TreatOut will achieve, and to meet the faces behind the name. It also encourages visitors to sign up and register to be one of the first to use the app. Feedback from early adopters will help to shape the final solution to be exactly what freefrom foodies need it to be before an official launch.

Making Connections

Social media will be key in reaching out to both diners and restaurants and the use of analytics will help monitor online activity. This will identify which social media platforms prove popular, and indicate which third party sites bring the most traffic. Information which will provide invaluable insight when planning marketing campaigns. The startup will be able to concentrate on the media channels with the most success and maximise the return on advertising spend.