AquariumGroup Website Redesign

Website Development

AquariumGroup’s website was redesigned from the ground up to provide a good user experience regardless of device being used to access the site. This was extremely important as Google Analytics indicated that 50% of visitors were using smart phones or tablets to access the site. Previously these visitors were not able to read nor navigate AquariumGroup’s old website and so were lost sales opportunities. The email contact form also needed updating to incorporate the latest technologies for use with smartphones.

Corporate Identity

Once work began on the Website Development, it was decided that AquariumGroup’s logotype originally created 14 years ago needed a little work to bring it up to date. The serif typeface was changed for a clean modern sans-serif font which displays well both on traditional printed material and online marketing channels. This then set the font for the website which was styled to match.

Social Media Branding

Branding was created for FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest to match the website redesign and modernised logotype.