What I loved about working with Nathalie is that she is not only completely competent with coding, she is also a designer. That’s a combination that you don’t often find go hand in hand. You can get brilliant technical geeks, OR brilliant designers… but believe me, Nathalie is both!

Linda Jones
Jewellery designer & author

Nathalie Christmann-Cooper

Hi. I’m Nathalie.

I’m a freelance web designer and developer, and the Co-founder and Technical Lead of TreatOut.

Diagnosed with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome in my early forties, my stomach became my enemy. Our relationship needs constant working at, but we’ve learnt to become friends again. I’ve overcome health challenges by making huge lifestyle changes managing my diet.

But there’s a downside to being a foodie eating with a restricted food list, it’s extremely difficult to eat out. Experiencing this pain point first hand, and with inspiration from watching the BBC Girls Can Code I’ve taken the leap on from Web Designer to Entrepreneur, entering into the Tech Startup scene with TreatOut and loving every minute of being a woman in tech.

Why am I looking for contract work?

TreatOut is an amazing intervention in time for a huge change in dietary needs. Together with my 2 female co-founders we are dedicating our foresight and personal sacrifice to make this a reality and we are entirely bootstrapped to date.

TreatOut is still very much an active project but whilst blood, sweat and tears may feed a startup, the mortgage it does not pay. To quote a phrase, “(wo)man who stands on hill with mouth open will wait long time for roast duck to drop in”.

No one said that being an Entrepreneur launching a new concept is easy, and whilst TreatOut is certainly not off the menu, I will be if I don’t keep my bank manager happy! Instead of looking to borrow or simply give up – I want to work my way through this.

So here’s the deal.

Yes I’m a startup entrepreneur, remote contractor and at home mother. I still have enough capacity to develop my knowledge and learn new technologies.

Yes most of my experience has been as a freelancer, and my tech learning is all informal ( I come from a generation where I wasn’t allowed to do computers as an option at school and I talked about that in the Guardian).


Look at it this way…

  • TreatOut is a greenfield project I’ve started from scratch building a team which has already gained much attention from the market. I have startup experience.
  • I learnt to code a rails application so I could build the TreatOut mvp inhouse. What I don’t know I can learn, and learn fast.
  • TreatOut was a nominated finalist in two categories at the Appsters 2016 in the process.
  • I am a reliable, remote worker who can work flexible hours.
  • I have a graphics background with over 25 years experience, yes I can design AND code.
  • I can create and develop a brand.
  • I’ve won awards for responsive web design as a solo freelancing women in tech which I’m pretty proud of.
  • I can hustle.


If you’ve got a web or graphic design project that needs a hand, no matter how big or small, please do get in touch I’d love to help.