Nathalie Christmann-Cooper

About Me

Hi. I’m Nathalie.

I’m an experienced and passionate designer who can code, who loves to combine creativity and design with logic and problem solving.

I’ve succeeded in breaking into the tech industry as a returner after a long career break, making the jump from junior to intermediate in a matter of months.

Getting started

With a strong background in graphics and corporate identity I started my tech journey working as a  freelance web designer from home –

  • Initially mastering HTML, CSS and responsive design together with php and WordPress to build bespoke websites for individuals and small businesses.
  • I’ve collaborated to bring in additional skills as part of the project management process as and when needed.

Inspired by the BBC Girls Can Code I formed food tech startup TreatOut in 2015. I completed a full stack coding bootcamp with Le Wagon London in summer 2016 to become the technical co-founder on the team. This fuelled my ever growing fascination with startups and web app development. I resigned from TreatOut in May 2019 to pivot the team, and continue with the project rebranded as myFeastOut.

Since then

  • I use the Adobe Creative Suite and Sketch to wireframe, adding SASS & HAML to my toolbag. I’ve created the brand guidelines and I’m working on a pattern library based on the principles of Atomic Design & the BEM methodology.
  • I’ve built a functioning MVP in Rails, working through features from ideation to deployment.
  • I’m happy working in the terminal with Git and version control.
  • I’ve started writing RSpec tests practising TDD, troubleshooting failing tests on CircleCI, before deployment to Heroku.
  • I’m experimenting with React to consume API endpoints, exploring ways to decouple the front and back end.
  • My passion and enthusiasm lies in startups and writing code. I’ve thrived being part of an agile team.
  • Pair programming and code reviews accelerate learning in a way that working solo can’t.

And now…

As of February 2019, I completed my first 12 months as a Full Stack Rails developer employed full time at Skills Matter, London. This was my first (what recruiters would consider) commercial work in over 20 years. I’m now working as a Product Engineer at Buyapowa.

I blog about the difficult journey you take once you become a startup founder with a day job, who’s making the transition from a solo, self-taught coder to professional software engineer. All views expressed are my own.